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Tourism Development International's (TDI) February 2015 newsletter reports on how international tourism has maintained a rate of growth above the average rate of global economic growth for the fifth year in a row. 

We see how more and more governments around the world recognise the importance of tourism’s contribution to their economic growth.

We examine the importance of broadening the range and heightening the quality, of experiences offered by destinations and facilitated by travel suppliers in sustaining this momentum. 

The focus of this issue, then, is on Tourism Product Development, since it is the range of products and services available that lead tourists to choose one destination over another. Tourists are demanding things to do and see that meet all their increased expectations stimulated by electronic and other media – in other words “more and better”.

The challenge for destinations and travel operators is, first and foremost, to develop products and services that are in line with these expectations but also in order to stand out from their competitors to be innovative in designing their offerings and highly focused in communicating them to their target markets.

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Venice 2019 – A City under Threat – Can a balance be found?

By David Mac Nulty Monday, 8th July 2019 | 0 comments
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I visited Venice in June and took part in discussions about the threats Venice is facing from all sides.




The feedback I received was quite alarming namely:

  • Water levels continue to rise meaning that Venetians and tourists all too frequently have to literally wade through the streets in waist-high water.
  • Not only is the sea level rising at a faster rate than other parts of the world, certain parts of the City are sinking.
  • Across Venetian society, there is growing concern that  annual visitor numbers of between 25 and 30 million are totally out of scale for such a fragile City and environment.
  • Implementation of the massive underwater floodgate system called ‘MOSE’ is long overdue and beset by cost overruns.
  • The sheer scale of new cruise ships is seen by many as threatening the appreciation of the character and architecture of the City.
  • A leading hotelier explained to me that, whilst visitors come to our City because of its significance as a City of art/architecture, events/biennale/Carnevale di Venezia, there is real concern that Venice’s World Heritage Status is under threat.

Francesco da Mosto, author of Venice – The Dramatic History of the World’s Most Beautiful City (A book which I highly recommend!) concludes by saying:

“The future of Venice is uncertain. I hope that its remarkable history will be preserved along with its monuments, and that a balance can be found between opening up this city of wonders for modern visitors and restoring the integrity and vitality of the Venetian population”.

Awards 2018

By David Mac Nulty Monday, 15th January 2018 | 0 comments
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Tourism Development International have been shortlisted by the Irish Planning Institute for the Munster Vales Destination Project prepared on behalf of the Counties of Waterford, Tipperary, Cork and Limerick.






The study was designed to assess and evaluate the market acceptability of a combined and integrated tourism and recreation identity for the area.

The project has now been developed under the brand of Munster Vales with the strategic plan guiding the work of the Destination Manager.

The Munster Vales are now promoted as a signature brand under the wider Ireland’s Ancient East brand.

The Irish Planning Institute is the all-island body for professional planners engaged in physical, spatial and environmental planning in Ireland.

The Irish Planning Institute seeks, through the Irish Planning Awards, to highlight innovation and achievement in Irish planning. The Awards acknowledge the diverse range of plans and projects on a national and international basis taking place in complex and dynamic environments.

David Mac Nulty, Director/Partner at Tourism Development International is a guest speaker at the International Congress of Religious Shrine Cities, Fátima.

Religious tourism is a growing sector and David will be presenting a paper entitled 'Excellence and Innovation in Pilgrimage and Religious Tourism'. Other guest speakers at this conference include:

  • Teresa Ferreira (Tourism of Portugal)
  • Vítor Coutinho – Vice Rector of the Shrine of Fatima (Portugal)
  • Juan Castillo Hernández – Shrine of Guadalupe (México)
  • Segundo Leonardo Pérez López – Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  • Yusuf Yavas – Municipality of Selçuk (Turkey)
  • António Barroso – Municipality of Braga (Portugal)
  • Costanzo Cascavilla – Mayor of San Giovanni Rotondo (Italy)
  • Julian Latorre Herreda – Mayor of Guadalajara de Buga (Colombia)
  • Municipality of Czestochowa (Poland)
  • Paolo Niccoletti – Mayor of Loreto (Italy)
  • Graça Poças Santos (Polytechnic Institute of Leiria - Portugal )
  • Jin Yung Woo – General Secretary Advisor for Tourism and Culture (UNWTO)
  • Ricardo Faria – Tourism Secretary of Minas Gerais (Brasil)
  • Pedro Machado (Turismo do Centro)
  • Herbert Hofauer – Mayor of Altötting (Germany)
  • Pepe Guzman Velásquez - Turismo Trifinio Project (Guatemala)
  • Bruno Vinuales - Cluster Tourisme et Espiritualité - Atout France (France)
  • Héctor Palencia Rubio - Municipality of Ávila (Spain)
  • Stefano Dominioni – Director of the European Institute of Cultural Route (Luxembourg)

Tourism Development International are currently part of a multi-disciplinary team preparing a masterplan for Knock Shrine, Ireland's national Marian shrine.

Tourism Development International also act as tourism advisors to Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, Ireland.

Aer Lingus - Discover a New Side to Portugal: Sightsee as you Cycle

By Peter Mac Nulty Monday, 29th August 2016 | 0 comments
Filed under: Latest Projects.

As a tourism planner, it’s great to see recommendations being implemented. In January 2016, TDI presented the Algarve Tourism Products Assessment and Development Action Plan on behalf of ANA Aeroportos de Portugal, Turismo de Portugal and Turismo do Algarve.

See new Aer lingus campaign.

Very effective example of re-positioning the Algarve as an activity holiday destination with particular focus on walking and cycling.

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