Guizhou Tourism Master Plan, China


Guizhou is one of the People’s Republic of China’s most remote and disadvantaged provinces. The province however, has significant scenic and cultural resources and is home to indigenous peoples. With assistance from the China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and the World Tourism Organization, the Guizhou Provincial Tourism Administration (GPTA) was charged with the direction of the project. TDI was appointed to prepare the Tourism Master Plan.


Project Objectives:

The project consisted of the preparation of a Tourism Master Plan for the Province of Guizhou.  It was funded by a soft loan from the World Bank to the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government. The overall objective of the tourism masterplan was to set out a roadmap for the development of tourism, strengthen capabilities, and put in place a framework for the sustainable development of tourism in Guizhou. 

Project Activities:

  • Market research to identify market potential and new product development opportunities
  • Strategic direction/Master planning
  • Tourism product development recommendations
  • Capacity building and knowledge transfer/training
  • Tourism institutional strengthening
  • Market positioning and marketing planning
  • Customer servicing/ visitor information systems
  • Study tour

Project Outcome and Impacts:

A forward leap of tourism development in Guizhou was achieved benefitting local people struggling from poverty in most remote areas. 100 specific tourism plans were produced based on Master Plan guidance. Guizhou’s tourism practices are now receiving more attention from other provinces following China Central Government policy on poverty alleviation in rural areas. The Multiplier effect spreading wealth to grassroots communities. Tourism income has grown from 10.64 billion Yuan TMB (EUR 1.12 billion) in 2002 to 80.52 billion Yuan RMB (EUR 8.6 billion) in 2009.


Case Study on Guizhou

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