Marketing Strategies for Tourism Destinations - A Competitive Analysis


In an increasingly vibrant landscape marked by new players, technological innovation and rapidly changing consumers, the need arose for European destinations to closely monitor competitor efforts to win market share in the global tourism market. This study was intended as a fact-finding research that complements studies on consumers and the travel trade, and social media monitoring previously realised by ETC. Tourism Development International was appointed by the European Travel Commission (ETC) to undertake a Study on the Tourism Strategy of Europe's Main Competitors in Select Outbound Travel Markets.

Project Objectives:

The purpose of the proposed study was to gain meaningful knowledge about the tourism strategies of Europe’s main competitors in select long-haul markets. This project has been carried out within the framework of the ETC-EC ‘Destination Europe 2020’ initiative.

Project Activities:

  • Desk research – Identification of competitor set
  • Travel Trade Research
  • Consultations with public and private sector stakeholders
  • Review of competitor marketing strategies in key markets (Markets examined were China, Japan, Russia, Canada, USA and Brazil)
  • Evaluation of existing marketing activities of Europe’s competitors
  • Analysis of consumer attitudes and perceptions (TripAdvisor Analysis)
  • Preparation of 6 Market Reports
  • Preparation of Tourism Strategy – Towards a Long Term Strategy for the Co-operative Marketing of Europe

Project Outcome and Impacts:

The study outcome resulted in the delivery of a series of six reports providing insights into the strategies which competitor tourism destinations are currently implementing to attract visitors.


Marketing Strategies for Tourism Destinations - USA

Marketing Strategies for Tourism Destinations - Japan

Marketing Strategies for Tourism Destinations - Brazil

Marketing Strategies for Tourism Destinations - Canada

Marketing Strategies for Tourism Destinations - Russia


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