South Carolina Tourism Product Development Programme and Institutional Strengthening


Following the preparation of the South Carolina Tourism Action Plan by Tourism Development International (TDI) in 2006, the company was appointed by South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism to implement the Tourism Action Plan by preparing Tourism Product Development Plans for each of the eight (8) regions in the State and strengthening the tourism institutions in the state.

Project Objectives:

The objective of the Study was to develop a framework for the development of sustainable tourism in all regions of the state in order to attract visitors from targeted market segments and maximize the economic benefit of tourism in the State. The institution strengthening programme included the development and implementation of a HRD/training plan for product development staff.

Project Activities:          

  • Assessment of existing product offer
  • Market research to identify market potential and new product development opportunities
  • Consultation with public, private and community stakeholders
  • Tourism strategy formulation
  • Co-ordination of existing Plans
  • Product Development Planning including costed proposals for 48 projects
  • Preparation of five year Tourism Action/ Implementation Plans
  • Project management, monitoring and reporting to South Carolina State Government Agency for tourism
  • An analysis of the current product development department organisation including an analysis of the skills base of present personnel in product development planning, including carrying capacity, environmental protection and overall sustainability
  • An analysis of the expertise base to provide technical assistance and financial support to the private industry sector for new product development
  • Identification of missing skills which will require recruitment of experience personnel
  • An examination of current funding availability from State/City/County, to generate private sector investment in developing tourism products, facilities and services
  • Proposal for a new organisation structure for the expanded product development office in SCPRT including position descriptions
  • Recommendations on the operational funding requirements for the new Product Development Programme
  • Proposal for new linkage arrangements with RTO’s/CVB’s in 8 PDAs
  • Develop and implement Training Program to enhance the skills of existing staff and new recruits

Project Outcome and Impacts:

The total value of the proposed tourism product development/investment programme for the State is expected to be of the order of €1 billion over a 10 year timeframe 2010 – 2020.


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