Algarve Tourism Product Assessment and Development Action Plan


The Algarve region of Portugal consists primarily of a family destination with a strong focus on sun and sea. The high dependence on sun and beach holidays results in high seasonal demand with over half of all tourists traffic taking place in the four summer months.


Project Objectives:

The overall objective of the project was to develop a plan that would guide public and private tourism stakeholders in the task of diversifying market segments attracted to the Algarve beyond those coming for sun and sea. Cycling and walking were identified as two products to be examined due to their scale and potential.

Project Activities:

  • Assessment of existing product offer (Quality of activities offered, distribution system, and service delivery related to consumer expectations)
  • Tourism Product Development Improvement Recommendations. Development of commercially viable and sustainable activities and attractions to provide a fuller and more satisfying experience.
  • Product Marketing. Using a product: market “matching” approach, identification of the attitudinal, motivational and behavioural profile of those segments with the greatest potential for the Algarve, and specifying the sales, marketing and promotional methods by which to realise this potential.
  • Case Studies. Illustration of how other destinations facing similar seasonality problems as the Algarve have overcome such problems through diversification into types of tourism that are less influenced by climatic conditions.
  • Action Plans. These implementation plans will specify what needs to be done, who should be responsible for making the improvements, time scale and indicative cost.

Project Outcome and Impacts:

Product development recommendations for cycling and walking are being implemented on a phased basis. A number of airlines are now re-positioning’ the Algarve by featuring walking and cycling in their marketing campaigns.


Algarve Tourism Product Assessment and Development Action Plan 

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