Assessment of Three Tourism Trends Impacting on Nepal's Tourism Sector


The five year DfID-funded SAMARTH-NMDP programme was focused on rural market development covering a range of sectors including tourism. There was a need to obtain a better understanding of tourism trends and ensure that Nepal is providing the right products for the right markets. In particular, a key aim is to improve tourism marketing efforts and support destinational management to improve economic opportunities through tourism in rural Nepal.

To this end, TDI was appointed by SAMARTH-NMDP to undertake an Assessment of Three Tourism Trends Impacting on Nepal's Tourism Sector. This assignment was carried out before the major earthquake of May 2015 although Project Director Peter Mac Nulty was in Nepal when this tragic event occurred.

Project Objectives:

By enhancing the understanding of tourism stakeholders in Nepal with respect to trends in source markets, stakeholders will be better positioned to provide the right products to the right markets. In this way, Nepal’s tourism potential can be maximised.

Project Activities:

  • Inventory and assessment of global tourism trends in adventure tourism
  • Inventory and assessment of select Asian outbound markets
  • Survey of tour operators/travel trade
  • Overview of funding sources
  • Tourism strategy formulation
  • Action plan/implementation programme

Project Outcome and Impacts:

Nepal is still in the process of recovering from the earthquake in May 2015 which had tragic consequences. The official website of Nepal Tourism Authority now features a diversified range if tourism products and experiences including those relating to adventure tourism and cultural tourism.



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