Waterford Crystal Visitor Experience Scoping Study and Market Research Programme


The Waterford Crystal brand has been synonymous with Ireland. Over the decades, millions of visitors have been attracted to Waterford to visit the home of Waterford Crystal. The closure of the Waterford Crystal factory in January 2009 had a significant adverse impact on tourism and the economy of Waterford.

Project Objectives:

Waterford Crystal stakeholders group commissioned TDI to undertake a market research programme to determine potential visitor interest and demand for a new purpose built Waterford Crystal Visitor Experience.

Project Activities:

  • Assessment of the past Waterford Crystal Visitor Experience
  • Tourism Trends Analysis (Local, regional national and international)
  • Consultation with public, private and community stakeholders 
  • Survey of Tourism Trade – Detailed interviews were carried out with tour operators in key source markets
  • Focus Group Discussions were undertaken with overseas visitors to Waterford
  • Best Practice Review – Tourism Development international examined 14 luxury retail/fashion establishments/facilities overseas including Swarovski Crystal, Glassan Diamonds and Murano Glass Island, Venice

Project Outcome and Impacts:

The result of the research indicated strong demand for the proposal.

The new Waterford Crystal visitor centre ‘The House of Waterford Crystal’ opened in June 2010 and now attracts 180,000 visitors annually. The decision to locate the project in the heart of Waterford City was pivotal. ‘The House of Waterford Crystal’ is now an integral part of the City’s tourism offer along with the Viking Triangle.


House of Waterford Crystal

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