Nigeria Tourism Master Plan


The Tourism Sector in the Federal Republic of Nigeria had been identified by the government of Nigeria as one the six priority areas for development. A Tourism Master Plan was required to strengthen capabilities and develop the tourism sector. TDI was appointed to prepare the Tourism Master Plan. The project was supported by the UNWTO.

Project Objectives:

Poverty alleviation and generation of employment, physical environmental enhancement and cultural and social issues, including HIV Aids were central issues in the plan. The over-arching objective was to actively develop tourism as a means of improving the socio-economic conditions of the Nigerian people and diversifying the country’s economic base.

Project Activities:

  • Assessment of existing product offer
  • Market research to identify market potential and new product development opportunities
  • Tourism strategy formulation
  • Public – Private Partnership Development
  • Preparation of short term, medium term and long term Action Plans
  • Tourism product development recommendations (including costed proposals for ‘flagship’ on other tourism projects)
  • Market positioning and marketing planning
  • Institutional Strengthening

Project Outcome and Impacts:

The publication of the Nigeria Tourism Master Plan highlighted the importance of the tourism sector as a major contributor to the Nigerian economy. Implementation of Master Plan recommendations are on-going.


Nigera Tourism Master Plan

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