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In April of 2016, the Tourism Industry Association of Prince Edward Island, Canada (TIAPEI), on behalf of the tourism industry, awarded the contract to develop a comprehensive five year strategic plan for tourism on PEI. Tourism Development International was selected from a number of candidates who submitted proposals, in large part due to a desire to engage a qualified firm with broad experience to offer a fresh perspective on our existing tourism product. The purpose of the strategy was to identify the actual and perceptual barriers facing Prince Edward Island’s tourism industry, and recommend innovative strategies and actions that would focus stakeholder attentions on the key issues, challenges and opportunities. I am pleased to say that TDI was very successful in guiding a process that achieved the desired outcome.

Working with a Steering Committee representing industry stakeholders with an invested interest, Provincial and Federal Government representatives and members of the TIAPEI Board of Directors, TDI led industry members through the most extensive consultation process ever undertaken on PEI. Through focus groups, public forums, surveys and direct feedback, as well as study of research studies, empirical data and best practices from other regions they were able to guide industry through a process that provided achievable short term goals and a long term flagship project, all based on five main pillars. The TDI team members ensured they engaged with tourism operators of all sizes and sectors and travelled throughout Prince Edward Island to experience first-hand the existing product and services. The Steering Committee strongly believe TDI went to great lengths to familiarize themselves with the leadership, product and geographic opportunities available across the province and based their conclusions on this these factors and extensive past experience as tourism planners.

We are pleased to note that, one year into the five year plan, the tourism industry on PEI and our Government partners have been able to implement a number of the short term product development initiatives identified by TDI and have made significant progress on some of the more detailed long term goals. 2017 marked the fourth consecutive year of notable growth in both visitation and revenues generated and we feel, by following the strategy and roadmap identified by TDI, there is every reason to believe the targets and outcomes found in Vision 2021 are achievable.


Dianne Bishop
Executive Assistant & Board Secretary - TIAPEI
Phone: (902) 566-5008
Fax: (902) 368 – 3605

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