Transformed Patrick Kavanagh Centre opens

(05 Aug 2020)

Transformed Patrick Kavanagh Centre opens

“King of Banks and Stones and every Blooming Thing”

Sometimes we need to be reminded by those from outside to value and cherish what we have. In the ‘New Yorker’ Louise Brogan – described by some critics the most accomplished woman poet of the twentieth century – said of Kavanagh, he had “an astonishing tallent ... that kept on renewing itself not so much by a process of orderly growth, as by a continual breaching of boundaries.” We need Kavanagh, as much as he needs us and, in searching for him in today’s world, we will find ourselves. Like all great artists, Kavanagh takes us on a journey of discovery – and re-discovery – that, left to our own devices, we would not in all likelihood have made. For a number of valid socio-cultural reasons, he is more relevant to our lives today than might appear to be the case at first sight. Dig a bit deeper, and a very different story emerges. Through Kavanagh, we are able to celebrate and re-connect with the sublime prosaic, elements essential for sustaining life, in body and mind.




On behalf of our client Monaghan County Council I would encourage you all to take that journey and visit the Patrick Kavanagh Centre! (


David Mac Nulty

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