Strategic Tourism Master Planning

The importance of the travel and tourism industry as a major contributor to the economic and social health of nations and regions throughout the world has significantly increased. Travel and tourism is now commonly viewed not only as a major source of employment, but also as a catalyst for urban and rural regeneration.

In common with all types of economic development, travel and tourism must proceed in a planned, orderly fashion. This is best achieved through the undertaking and implementation of a Strategic Tourism Master Plan.

Unlike other major industries, tourism is highly fragmented. A planned approach to tourism product development and marketing is essential if your tourism sector is to realise its full economic potential.

Strategic Tourism Master Plans should outline both an overall development strategy to guide broad development as well as clear, concise policy statements / objectives which outline specific recommendations to be implemented on the ground.

To support the strategic tourism master planning implementation process, Tourism Development International offer a range of services including TrainingStudy Tours and Project Managment.

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