Explore the Nore Leisure Trail

(28 Mar 2013)

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Tourism Development International and Cunnane Stratton Reynolds are currently preparing a vision for the development of a trail associated with the River Nore.

 It is envisaged that the trail will be designed to attract the general public and visitors and to be of recreational, educational and general amenity value and will extend from Ballinaslee, at the border with Co Laois, to New Ross, at the confluence of the Nore and Barrow at the border with Co Wexford. The extent of this length of river is some 75km. There are currently two trails along the River Nore; The River Nore Linear Park and the Nore Valley Way.

 Your views and questions are most welcome

If you have any ideas and suggestions for the “Explore the Nore Leisure Trail” please send your views to:



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