Celebrating 35 years in business

(03 Jul 2023)


In our 35th year of business, Tourism Development International (TDI) will continue to be inspired by our valued tourism clients here in Ireland and Overseas. Thank you all for choosing TDI to support you in your tourism planning and may your tourism enterprises and destinations continue to grow sustainably in the decades ahead.

In the meantime, I leave you with some inspirational tourism observations from our clients:

“Our cultural traditions are a unique heritage of great sophistication and antiquity”

“Let lighthouses guide you along our culinary trail to beaches, historic sites and attractions, artisan studios, parks, along with more festivals and events than you can count”
Prince Edward Island, Canada - Tourism PEI

“We recruit for attitude and train for skill”
Guinness Storehouse

“We are focused on balancing and delivering the benefits of forestry and ensuring that we are delivering a greener future for all - one that we can all look forward to and one that we can all enjoy”

“In the case that a destination continues to grow but fails to take the necessary action to preventincreased congestion and unsustainable development, this will lead to a decline in the appeal of the resources that drew visitors to the destination in the first place”
World Tourism Organization, Madrid

Full PDF download: Celebrating 35 years in business

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