9/10 Business Visitors to Northern Ireland recommend it as a Top Business Destination

(12 Oct 2010)

It seems that once business visitors come to Northern Ireland for the first time – they are suitably impressed! Recent research from consultants Tourism Development International, found that nine out of ten business visitors would recommend Northern Ireland as a top business destination.

The final report submitted by industry consultants Tourism Development International noted that business visitors to Northern Ireland are impressed by the professionalism and quality of Northern Ireland’s overall conference product, including venues and staff and the warm welcome of people in general. Value for money compared to other destinations is also a key incentive for business travellers in the current economic climate. Northern Ireland’s world class golf facilities, quality of food and the range of unique activities available where also praised in the research. The research recorded the views of more than 300 international business visitors, and 20 conference organisers and destination management companies. 


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