EBRD funded Project: Promoting MSMEs’ Development in Agritourism in Mukhrani

(04 Jul 2018)

In 2016, the Foundation for the Economic Development of Mukhrani (FREDM) commissioned Irish company Tourism Development International (TDI) to prepare a Tourism Development Plan for Mukhrani Village. This Plan sets out the roadmap for the development of tourism in Mukhrani. Overall, the plan identified heritage and food as outstanding and differentiation assets with potential to underpin sustainable development and economic diversification in Mukhrani.

Subsequently and building on the recommendations of the Tourism Development Plan for Mukhrani Village, the Agribusiness and Property & Tourism Teams at EBRD awarded TDI the project ‘Promoting MSMEs’ Development in Agritourism in Mukhrani’.  This pilot technical cooperation project was delivered as part of the DCFTA Adaptation Programme (DAP) and comprised a programme of training, business advisory support, demonstration projects and a study tour.

The objective of the Project was to build the capacity of local businesses, residents and other stakeholders, with a particular emphasis on supporting women and youth. The project aimed to improve backward linkages between tourism and primary agriculture in Mukhrani village.

The project has been delivered successfully over an eight-month period from November 2017 to June 2018. It has raised awareness of the potential of agritourism business in Mukhrani and has equipped target beneficiaries with the knowledge and tools to start their own agritourism enterprises.

These future enterprises will have a strong potential to generate employment opportunities for the community, diversify the economy of Mukhrani and to offer new visitor experiences to both domestic and international visitors in Georgia.

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